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“Rapunzel” themed parties as popular as ever.

She sings and plays acoustic guitar!

Every princess party we attend, we see at least 3 or 4 miniature ‘Rapunzels’ running around. Yes, the “Tangled” heroine is as popular as ever.

Good thing we have not one, but two ‘Rapunzel’ costumes here at Papillons Entertainment. And not only do we have multiple costumes, but we also have 3 cast members who play the part beautifully, and 2 different performance package options:

  • The first package is what we call our ‘Prestige Performance‘. This is our top-tier, best-of-the-best option: performed by Jenna, our head princess, who also happens to be a professional singer-songwriter, the ‘Prestige’ package includes…
  1.  An acoustic guitar & singing performance of two songs from the soundtrack.

    ‘Prestige Rapunzel’ and her purple guitar. Click the image to watch a video of this sweet show.

  2. Dress-up accessories (for girls and boys).
  3. A folk dance lesson & themed game play.
  4. Enchanted magic spells and small prizes for the children.
  5. Fancy face-painting.
  6. A personalized gift for the birthday girl, and a few extras, too (we can’t give away all our secrets here!).

For those who want a seriously impressive, interactive, truly unique princess party, the ‘Prestige’ package is the way to go. Since we often get calls from around the country, I’ll reiterate here that our company, and Jenna, are based in Southern California, but if you want to fly her out to your city for this amazing performance (or, arrange an online video chat performance), we could find a way to make that happen.

Of course, she’s the only one we know of, who’s not only an extremely experienced children’s performer, but also a working singer and songwriter (her music having been heard in shows for CW, MTV, MTVUK, SonyTVUK, feature films, wedding videos, and more), who can pull off these awesome ‘Rapunzel’ guitar playing shows. A sound-a-like such as this is very rare, so as you can imagine, she books up quickly.

But we know there are many little girls out there who just gotta have ‘Rapunzel’ at their parties, and since Jenna can’t (yet) clone herself, we also have our fantastic ‘Classic Performance‘ package. The ‘Classic’ package is usually performed by cast members Marisa and Courtney (both of whom are working actors, Marisa working often in film, and Courtney staying busy on-stage, having recently returned from Tokyo Disneyland where she played several famous Disney characters). Book our ‘Classic Performance’ package and your little girl and her guests will experience engaging activities such as…

We make every birthday ‘the best day ever’!

  1. Dancing to music.
  2. Themed game play.
  3. Enchanted magic spells.
  4. Storytelling.
  5. Face-painting and/or balloon twisting.

Aside from one-on-one activities, like face-painting and balloon twisting, this performance is completely interactive and oh-so charming.

With both packages, extra-special attention is paid to the birthday girl, of course! She might even get to touch the princess’ magic hair or even take a picture with ‘Pascal’ (if you can find him… he’s really good at hide n’ seek)!

And if you want to go all-out this birthday, invite ‘Flynn Rider’, too! He makes parties dashing and daring with that ‘smolder’ of his. Just make sure, that if you’re putting his picture up anywhere, you get his nose right.

For current package pricing, please get in touch with us by email or phone:


P.S. Take a look at some recent photos of our ‘Prestige Rapunzel’ in-action. We’d like thank the Czarnecki family for sending in most of the pictures below.


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‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is a family affair.

Six years ago this October, I received a phone call. I had just opened the figurative doors of Papillons Entertainment, back in the spring of ’06, and business was starting to trickle in. This phone call, as it turns out, would be a very special one.

The voice on the other end, ever so sweet-natured, and with a gentle, British accent, the kind of accent you’d like to hear read you a bedtime story every night before dozing off to Wonderland, asked if we could send a ‘Snow White’ to her little daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

“Certainly!” I said, “It’ll be darling! She’ll lead dancing play, sing songs, perform enchanted magic spells, and make pretty face-paintings”.

“Brilliant!” the kind voice replied. “Let’s book it,” she said.

And thus began the beginning of my relationship to Liberty Ross, her husband Rupert Sanders, and her dear family.

I am so thrilled now to say, after serving as the entertainment for several events over the years (having provided ‘Batman’, ‘Cinderella’, Hapi Hula Gals, and most recently, Christmas characters for this years holiday celebration), and getting to know Liberty and family (including her incredible sister Mia, also a repeat client), that “I knew them when!”

Liberty will be featured as ‘Snow White’s Mother’ in the upcoming, highly anticipated release ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, husband Rupert Sanders makes his directorial debut on the film. Last time I saw them, their children exclaimed to me, “We’re in it, too!”

Amazing! Congratulations to the Ross-Sanders family on your much deserved success.

I cannot wait for June 1st! See you at the movies, probably wearing my ‘Snow White’ dress.


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Mermaid? Princess? Mer-Princess!

The Sea Princess

‘The Little Mermaid’ has legs!

This past weekend, we revealed our newest costumed character: The Sea Princess (also known as ‘The Little Mermaid-Turned-Human’). No longer ‘Under the Sea’, she’s here to become ‘Part of Your World’!

The first lucky folks to witness the grandeur of this costume in-person went absolutely crazy! The children at the party, which took place at Aiden’s Place park in West Los Angeles, couldn’t believe their eyes. They were in complete awe of ‘The Little Mermaid’, now appearing in true princess form, legs and all.

Plus, she can do so much more now that she has… whaddya call ’em?… Oh! Feet. She can dance — a lot! — skip and run around. And her singing performances become even more magical, as she sparkles in the sunlight, gown billowing all around her.

Listen here to this princess’ siren song…

If you’re child is begging for a princess party this birthday, consider this captivating character: she’s imaginative, inspiring, and seriously impressive.

Update: 7/07/12

Woowee! This new costume is more popular than we could’ve imagined. The response, from both children and adults-alike has been tremendous! Here’s a couple more photos from a recent celebration; thanks to Deborah T. for these great shots!