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5 Reasons This Los Angeles Princess Party Is A No-Brainer

When you think kids birthday party you probably think “princess party”, but it can be especially tricky for busy L.A. moms and dads to find the best princess character entertainment solution to make their child’s wish come true.

With more than 20 companies around Southern California promising “amazing” and “dazzling” princess parties, how do you know which one will truly deliver? And do you even have the time to scour through every single website to feel confident in your decision?

If you’re like most Angelenos, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You just want to simply and quickly plan your kiddo’s party and move on with your day.

Enter The Pop-Up Princess Parlor: the brand-new, turn-key solution for princess dress-up party awesomeness in Los Angeles.

princess dress up party los angeles (16 of 19)

Here are 5 ways The Pop-Up Princess Parlor can help:

1. Just add cake and guests and voila! You’ve got a party!

The Pop-Up Princess Parlor is so easy to book, all you have to do is choose from 3 different “sizes”, the Petite, Grande or Plus Grande (to find the right “fit” for your party).

The package options include EVERYTHING you’ll need to create an enchanting entertainment experience, complete with princess characters of your child’s choice. All you’ll need to do is invite friends and cut the cake!

princess dress up party los angeles

2. You won’t lift a finger (except to sip your chardonnay, if that’s your thing).

There’s a sweet fairytale “Lady in Waiting” who hosts the dress-up activity within the Pop-Up Princess Parlor itself, assisting children in finding the perfect princess costumes (which are adorable AND comfortable AND plentiful — they bring more than 20 dresses and costumes, plus some accessories for kids to play with).

And the princesses lead rehearsed, character-themed repertoires of group activities designed for kids ages 3-7 years on-average. So go ahead and have a glass of wine and enjoy a much needed adult conversation.

Princess dress up party Los Angeles.

3. All deliveries, pick-up, set-up and strike are included.

The Pop-Up Princess Parlor team will coordinate with you prior to the party to schedule the princess arrival, the tent delivery and pick-up. The team will then set-up and strike the whole shebang the day of the event. All you’ll need to do is point!

Princess dress up party Los Angeles

4. Princess character performers are plucked straight from famous theme parks!

The cast members who work with the Pop-Up Princess Parlor boast impressive resumes, having performed as princess characters in famous theme parks all around the world, and international Broadway style shows. You won’t be embarrassed to show-off these princesses, who wear costumes and wigs authentically created and styled with integrity.

Princess Sofia the First Elena of Avalor party characters in Santa Monica

5. It’s unique, stylish, and encourages imagination play.

If you book the Pop-Up Princess Parlor, you are very likely to hear your guests say, “This is so beautiful,” and “I’ve never seen anything like this at a party,” and “It’s like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique popped-up in your backyard!”

This princess dress-up party also breaks kids away from the iPad and gets them outside! You might see your kiddos running around pretending they are knights riding a horse, or donning a yellow gown and twirling like Princess Belle at the ball.

Princess dress up party Santa Monica

So you can quit searching and just book the Pop-Up Princess Parlor.

We know you have better things to do, like go tell that little darling of yours that she (or he!) is about to have the princess party of their dreams!

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Use the contact form below to book the Pop-Up Princess Parlor now:


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Princess Belle Visits New French-Inspired Bakery in Burbank, CA. Chic Party Cakes, Desserts & High Tea


Princess Belle character reads a fairytale to a little girl at The French Confection Co. in Burbank, CA. Photo by Candace Boysen.

Rejoice, o’ residents of the San Fernando Valley: there’s a new French-inspired pastry shop in town and it’s fantastique!

Live like a Parisian, if only for part of an afternoon, with a coffee, colorful macarons, and a maple cupcake to-go (trust me on this one: I’ve self-proclaimed these sweet treats “Pancake Cupcakes” which should tell you everything you need to know, as in, they are amazing) from this adorable Burbank bakery.

tiger face painting french confection co burbank

A little girl with tiger face painting in Burbank, CA takes in the eclairs and creme puffs at The French Confection Co. Photo by Candace Boysen.

Both the exterior and interior of the shop are decorated authentically in provincial blue with touches of metallic gold. And the rustic white farmhouse table surrounded by elegant arm chairs make this a sweet spot pour un café avec les amis.

Our team at Papillons Entertainment was thrilled to be part of their grand opening celebration, providing festive party face painting by expert face painter (and company owner, Jenna) dressed in a beautiful French fairytale style ballgown, and princess character entertainment by an authentic French speaking ‘Belle’ from the tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Princess face painter Los Angeles Southern California

Jenna Bryson, expert face painter and small business owner of children’s event planning company Papillons Entertainment, sets up shop at The French Confection Co. in Burbank. Photo by Candace Boysen.

A little girl receives a tiara face painting by Papillons Entertainment's princess face painter during the grand opening at The French Confection Co. in Burbank, CA.

A little girl receives a tiara face painting by Papillons Entertainment’s princess face painter during the grand opening at The French Confection Co. Photo by Candace Boysen.

The patisserie’s owner, Mallory Rajan, tells us that making chic, trendy cakes for birthday parties and special events is how The French Confection Co. got it’s start. After building up quite the loyal customer base, she opened the storefront to spread cheer to even more people through her rich, made-from-scratch European style sweets.

And if you’re looking for an adorable venue for a small party, Mallory says that she is looking forward to making the shop available on Sundays once or twice a month for high tea and other special events; it could be the perfect spot for an intimate bridal or baby shower.

Perhaps we’ll see you there? Send us a note via our royal messenger and let us know if Papillons can help you plan & execute the perfect French-themed party with a princess character experience, sweets & treats from TFCC, and more.

The French Confection Co. is located at 3118 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505. Contact the shop directly for cake and other chic dessert orders.

Photos courtesy of Candace Boysen of Silence of the Lens and used with permission.



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Cake pops!

Seems like you can’t throw a kid’s birthday party nowadays without these trendy little treats. And it’s not hard to figure out why: they’re bite sized, adorable, and down-right delish!

Want to make some for your baby’s next celebration? Or, what about skipping the boxed chocolates this *Valentine’s Day and whipping these up for your sweetie instead?! Here’s how we make ours…

What you’ll need:

  • Cake.
  • Icing.
  • Candy melts (tons to choose from at Michaels Arts & Crafts or Joann’s).
  • Any decorative sugars, sprinkles, etc.
  • Lollipop sticks (long or short, but I prefer short since these are top heavy, but if you’re going to use a tall display, like a vase or something, then long sticks would be the way to go).
  • Foam blocks (the kind used for floral arrangements/craft projects — Dollar Tree has them for, you guessed it, a dollar, or you can grab some while you’re at Michaels or Joann’s getting candy melts).
  • Small plastic baggies (yes, Michaels & Joann’s have these).
  • Curling ribbon or twist ties.


  1. Bake a cake (whatever flavor you like, you can even use a boxed mix). For the purposes of this blog, we used the recipe for Hershey’s perfect chocolate cake and it turned out wonderfully. Hint: if you want a thicker, moister cake, use buttermilk instead of regular milk. Note: what you see here is actually only one, round 7″ cake pan’s worth of cake (we just wanted a small batch of cake pops – got 16 pops in total from this, but a whole recipe will make you twice that or more). I’m making this note because it also means we used less icing to compensate for a smaller batch. Just sayin’, as you will likely be using your whole cake recipe to make these and will, therefore, need more icing than what we used. OK. Continuing on…
  2. Let the cake cool and then crumble it.crumble and mix
  3. Mix your crumbled cake with icing (any icing you want, canned is fine, but here we made a half batch of Wilton’s buttercream vanilla — so yummy). Tip: we happened to have buttermilk in the fridge, leftover from baking the cake, and again used it in place of the milk in Wilton’s icing recipe. Makes the icing extra creamy. Yes, this part gets messy, but it’s also really fun!
  4. Roll the cake/icing mix into balls as best you can, about 1.5 inches wide. You don’t want them too big, or else they will be too heavy for the sticks. Tip: wash your hands every 4 or 5 cake balls you make because the mix will start sticking to your hands and prevent you from rolling them properly.
  5. Place the cake balls on a cookie sheet and let them set either A)  in the fridge for 2-3 hours or B) in the freezer for 30-60 cake balls
  6. Heat your candy melts in the microwave as instructed on the bag. I found adding about a tablespoon of canola oil helped the melts thin out a bit.
  7. Get your cake balls out; they should be nice and cold and, therefore, pretty solid.
  8. Dip the end of a lollipop stick into the candy melt and insert it into a cake ball, about half-way into the cake.
  9. Holding the end of the stick, dip the cake ball into your candy melt. Make sure to let excess drip off of the cake ball; I like to tap it gently on the side of the glass to help the excess fall off. dip cake balls
  10. Put the stick into the foam block; drizzle the top of the cake ball with a little more candy melt (for texture) or a second melt flavor/color if you’re feeling extra fancy. If you want to put any decorative sugars or sprinkles on top, now is the time before the candy hardens.

cake pops final product

That’s it! Let them dry, maybe back in the fridge for a bit so they set and harden nicely, and then you can put the little baggies over each one and tie-off with a piece of curled ribbon. These are fantastic party favors, too, and great for guests who have to leave before you cut the birthday cake.

By the way, if you’re in the Los Angeles area and planning an event, we can make these for you, along with booking/planning other aspects of your party, especially children’s entertainment (it’s our specialty). *We can even have one of our character performers deliver some to your love-bug on Valentine’s Day! Now that’s a telegram I’d be thrilled to get. Contact us at Papillons Entertainment for more info.

For more inspiration, here’s the original blog post that I consulted to make these:

Thanks for reading and happy cake-popping!

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A very ‘Brave’ princess.

Ready your arrow, take aim…

Bang the drums, sound the bagpipes, and fire the arrows! A brand new character to match your ‘Brave’ themed parties is here!

To say we’re excited about this new character is putting it very mildly. Just to give you an idea, we’ve been practicing our Scottish accents for weeks and, frankly, we can’t stop; we’re having such a great time with it!

Making the costume and props for our ‘Merida’ look-alike character was just as fun. It started with 6 yards of dark teal shantung, a heavier weight silk fabric with a subtle luster. We found a historically accurate “medieval” pattern for the shape of the dress. I think cutting the pattern and laying it out on the fabric took the most time; you only have one chance to get the cut right.

Twelve plus hours later, and we had the dress! Whew! The belt is hand-made, too, including its hand decorated Celtic symbols in gold paint.

Next, we wanted to give this character an activity unique to her performance. Our specialty is truly engaging entertainment, much of it through interactive game play, so why not create a way for our Celtic princess to not only teach bravery through her activities, but also lead a fun, educational bit on a historical sport? How about a mock archery lesson?!

Putting the target together.

We came up with the idea to upholster a giant, circular foam piece with felt, making it look like a target. We attached Velcro to the play arrows, so that the arrows would stick to the felt, and voila! A fantastic, portable target for the character to bring to every appearance. Plus, it makes a great set piece for photos. Bulls-eye!

We also wanted our character to have a HUGE head of curly, red hair. How could she not?! We left this to our professional wig mistress and we’re so glad we did: check it out. It is UNREAL. We love it!

Hair. Everywhere.

So, “change your fate” this fall and give us a call. This character will make a grrreat addition to any party full of active, curious kids who love adventure, magic, and feisty lassies.

P.S. Take a peek at our promo video here:

UPDATE: 09/02/12

Jenna just did a great shoot in ‘Merida’ costume with Drongo Photo. Take a peeky-boo!

“I. Am. MERIDA!”

“If you could change your fate…”

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‘Brave’ Celtic princess coming soon.

We have some mighty activities in store for the newest addition to our kingdom, a look-and-sound-alike for the princess ‘Merida’. Her costume & props are still under construction at this time, but I couldn’t resist letting you have a sneak peek.

At her hair!

Like her friend ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Merida’s’ hair is very important; it must be styled with intention and utmost detail.

This wig is huge! And full! And wild! And we can’t wait to send her your way.

Stay tuned for our next post on this ‘Brave’ princess, where we’ll reveal her finished costume and repertoire of activities.