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Down the Rabbit Hole: A ‘Wonderland’ Themed Party Made Simple

Kids love ‘Alice’, and ‘Wonderland’ is a fun theme for all ages.

Many moms call us wondering which theme or character they should choose for their child’s next birthday party.

If you’ve seen and done the princess thing a gajillion times already, why not go with a classic literary tale like ‘Alice in Wonderland’? Lewis Carroll’s story of the girl who chased the white rabbit down a hole, is silly-fun, appropriate for a wide age-range (I’d say anywhere from 3 years to about 10 years), and great for coed parties; ‘Alice’ is curious and adventurous which appeals to both girls and boys.

Our cast members, who are either expert entertainers, or have been trained by one of our experts, have the voice, the proper British accent, and all the funny bits down-pat. Our ‘Mad Hatter’ performers are¬†hysterical, too, pulling off the mannerisms and crazy laugh as if they’ve jumped right out of the book.

“Oh, mister rabbit!’

Your ‘Alice’ and/or ‘Mad Hatter’ will incorporate non-competitive games and dancing fun themed around an imaginary adventure to ‘Wonderland’, engage children with an animated reading of the famous story, perform comedic magic spells, paint delightful pictures on faces, or twist colorful balloon animals.

As for decorating, don’t ‘lose your head’! Keep it simple: make whimsical signs pointing this way and that-a-way, hang festive lanterns (or make your own) from the trees, and add lots of flowers for that English garden styled look (just don’t forget to paint the roses red).

And if you want to go with a ‘Mad Tea Party’ theme, gather some mismatched pots, dishes, and plates (look for florals if you like the shabby chic look, or stripes and dots if you prefer something more modern) from the cupboard, or search your local thrift store.

Or, if you’d rather leave the work to someone else, we’ve got an incredible tea set that accommodates up to 24 children. Plus, we give you your own ‘Lady in Waiting’ to set up, serve, and clean up. We can also make the cookies, tea cakes, and finger sandwiches if you’d like.

We put a little ‘Wonderland’ themed party together recently as part of our group. We encourage you to¬†take a peek at how we decorated and at how much fun the children had with our ‘Alice’.

And of course, we’d love to help you throw a wonderful ‘Wonderland’ party; this theme is great for a bridal and baby showers, as well. Give us a call or send us a note and we’ll be happy to take you down the rabbit hole, too.

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Mermaid? Princess? Mer-Princess!

The Sea Princess

‘The Little Mermaid’ has legs!

This past weekend, we revealed our newest costumed character: The Sea Princess (also known as ‘The Little Mermaid-Turned-Human’). No longer ‘Under the Sea’, she’s here to become ‘Part of Your World’!

The first lucky folks to witness the grandeur of this costume in-person went absolutely crazy! The children at the party, which took place at Aiden’s Place park in West Los Angeles, couldn’t believe their eyes. They were in complete awe of ‘The Little Mermaid’, now appearing in true princess form, legs and all.

Plus, she can do so much more now that she has… whaddya call ’em?… Oh! Feet. She can dance — a lot! — skip and run around. And her singing performances become even more magical, as she sparkles in the sunlight, gown billowing all around her.

Listen here to this princess’ siren song…

If you’re child is begging for a princess party this birthday, consider this captivating character: she’s imaginative, inspiring, and seriously impressive.

Update: 7/07/12

Woowee! This new costume is more popular than we could’ve imagined. The response, from both children and adults-alike has been tremendous! Here’s a couple more photos from a recent celebration; thanks to Deborah T. for these great shots!