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Food for your Fête: Goat Cheese Tarts with Leeks & Apricot Preserves

Tasty tarts.Where there are little kids, their parents are sure to follow. What does this mean for your pip-squeak’s party? Be sure to have some food options that will appeal to the grown-up palate.

These tarts are the perfect mix of elegance and taste. The sweetness of the apricot preserves, paired with the savory goat cheese and sauteed leeks and the flaky crust, will have your big-kid guests begging for the recipe. Not to mention, you can use just about any round-ish shaped cookie cutter (we used a flower cookie cutter here) to help tie-in your party’s theme.

We found the recipe here:

Our tips: You want to serve these hot or warm at the least; have them prepped on your baking pans and stick ’em in the fridge until you’re ready to bake them, that way you can serve them to guests nice n’ toasty. And make more than you think you need; they will get devoured and fast!


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All-American pies, all jarred-up.

All-American, All Jarred UpAs a pro party planner, I am constantly on the look-out for inventive, crafty, and all-around awesome party ideas, including catering.

With All Jarred Up, I’ve found all-of-the-above. Baker Teri Hiles has taken the classic pie, everything from apple to blueberry to pecan and lots more, and trapped them inside a portable, mess-free, heart-warming  mason jar. It’s a sweet treat inside a reusable souvenir. That’s taste-bud and eco friendly. Genius!

It’s not just delicious pies: she bakes cookies and muffins-in-a-jar, too. And if the presentation isn’t adorable enough for ya, names like ‘Grape to Meet You’ and ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish Whiskey’ ought to do the trick.

All Jarred Up is based out of Chatsworth, CA, but ships priority mail across the U.S.A. Individual pies are $7 each, with pie-of-the-month club, syrups, and breads available, too, for those who want to try all sorts of yummies.

From the website: “Each jarred treat is freshly prepared, sealed, and decorated making it the ideal goodie for presents, party favors, thank yous, or just an afternoon snack for you and your family”.

Shop owner Teri, who has a 100% satisfaction rate on Etsy, also states, “Please be aware that all of our products are made with or around wheat, dairy, and nuts. All Jarred Up items are not for the consumer who is allergic, intolerant, or highly sensitive to these items! If you would like a complete list of all our ingredients, please feel free to send a message”.

All-in-all, I am all about All Jarred Up; whether you’re throwing a grown-up get-together or a princess tea party, these are a fantastic way to combine dessert and party favors together. Hope you enjoy!


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