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Throwing a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Party and Looking for Rey? She’s here.

Watch out, boys: it may be the season of the force, but this time, the force is strong with the girls.

If you’re planning a Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed birthday party for your aspiring Jedi, this is the children’s entertainment team you’ve been looking for… *waves hand across computer screen*

rey character star wars party los angeles

Jedi mind-tricks aside, we would love to help bring your party to life with our screen-accurate ‘Rey’ lookalike character, as long as you live in a galaxy not so far away (i.e. your event will take place within the greater Los Angeles area).

‘Rey’ brings her life-size staff (an incredible replica of the exact staff from the film), lightsabers and more to show children how she survived life as an orphan on the planet Jakku.

Of course, this being her first visit to Earth, as well as her first time ever leaving her own galaxy, both she and the children will have a lot of questions for each other.

And ‘Rey’ need not attend your celebration solo… invite ‘Han’, if you like a good scoundrel. Or would you like to recreate the end of the movie, and invite a fuzzball Wookie to accompany her? ‘Chewy’, as well as other characters inspired by the films, can also be arranged.

chewbacca han solo star wars party characters los angeles (1 of 1)

All you have to do is resist the power of “the dark side” and fill out the form below to let us know what type of character entertainment you’re looking for…

Now go, and may the force be with you!


P.S. If you’re looking for an amazing Star Wars cake featuring BB8, consider The French Confection Co.


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Classic Princesses Stand the Test of Time

Did you know: she's French, and more than 300 years old?!

Did you know: she’s French, and more than 300 years old?!

Princesses have been at the core of children’s party entertainment for years, branching off from the standard party clown act of the 1950’s, when group parties for children became the thing-to-do, into the fairy tale favorites we all know and love.

But from where did these characters originate? Many come from the Brothers Grimm 1812 collection entitled “Children’s and Household Tales”. Did you know there are not one, but two, collections of Grimm’s fairy tales? And the first collection contained the story of “The Sleeping Beauty”, which was originally written by Charles Perrault, published in Paris, 1697.

The rise of romanticism in the 19th century is what led Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm to revisit these classic tales, “which had otherwise been on the decline since their late 17th century peak”.

These German brothers were students of academia and culture; during their research, they invited people of a varying social and economic status, everyone from peasants, to middle-class, to aristocrats to come and share their stories.

The Grimm brothers legacy has also been referenced in our modern-day movies, including “Ever After”, during which an old queen relays, what we the audience are to believe, is her story, the tale of “Cinderella”, as well as in the 2005 fantasy “The Brothers Grimm” starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger.

CinderellaBut why are these cautionary tales still popular today? Is it the romantic ideals they represent? Is it the aspect of danger? Some of them are down-right scary (as a little girl, I remember crying in the “Snow White” ride at Walk Disney World). Or, is it the adventure? As “Belle” says in Disney’s version of “Beauty and the Beast”, perhaps it’s the “Far off places, magic spells…” or the “…prince in disguise!” that children are drawn to. Fun fact: the original story, entitled “La Belle et la Bete” was written by a woman! Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s writing was published in 1740, but the most well-known version of the work was an abridgment published in 1756 by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, another woman. Could it be we ladies have a thing for beasts?

Perhaps there’s no telling exactly why these folk-tales are still so adored by people the The Little Mermaidworld over. In many cases, these stories will also be children’s first experience with classic literature. For my part, no matter what gets kids interested in reading and storytelling, whether it be shiny crowns and ball gowns, or evil queens and magic beans, the simple fact that they’re engaged and entertained is enough.

May the princesses continue to live-long and sparkle! And if you’d like one to host your next children’s party, do give us a call, send an email, or use the handy contact form below.


Papillons Entertainment

Office: 323.463.4132


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A very ‘Brave’ princess.

Ready your arrow, take aim…

Bang the drums, sound the bagpipes, and fire the arrows! A brand new character to match your ‘Brave’ themed parties is here!

To say we’re excited about this new character is putting it very mildly. Just to give you an idea, we’ve been practicing our Scottish accents for weeks and, frankly, we can’t stop; we’re having such a great time with it!

Making the costume and props for our ‘Merida’ look-alike character was just as fun. It started with 6 yards of dark teal shantung, a heavier weight silk fabric with a subtle luster. We found a historically accurate “medieval” pattern for the shape of the dress. I think cutting the pattern and laying it out on the fabric took the most time; you only have one chance to get the cut right.

Twelve plus hours later, and we had the dress! Whew! The belt is hand-made, too, including its hand decorated Celtic symbols in gold paint.

Next, we wanted to give this character an activity unique to her performance. Our specialty is truly engaging entertainment, much of it through interactive game play, so why not create a way for our Celtic princess to not only teach bravery through her activities, but also lead a fun, educational bit on a historical sport? How about a mock archery lesson?!

Putting the target together.

We came up with the idea to upholster a giant, circular foam piece with felt, making it look like a target. We attached Velcro to the play arrows, so that the arrows would stick to the felt, and voila! A fantastic, portable target for the character to bring to every appearance. Plus, it makes a great set piece for photos. Bulls-eye!

We also wanted our character to have a HUGE head of curly, red hair. How could she not?! We left this to our professional wig mistress and we’re so glad we did: check it out. It is UNREAL. We love it!

Hair. Everywhere.

So, “change your fate” this fall and give us a call. This character will make a grrreat addition to any party full of active, curious kids who love adventure, magic, and feisty lassies.

P.S. Take a peek at our promo video here:

UPDATE: 09/02/12

Jenna just did a great shoot in ‘Merida’ costume with Drongo Photo. Take a peeky-boo!

“I. Am. MERIDA!”

“If you could change your fate…”

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All-American pies, all jarred-up.

All-American, All Jarred UpAs a pro party planner, I am constantly on the look-out for inventive, crafty, and all-around awesome party ideas, including catering.

With All Jarred Up, I’ve found all-of-the-above. Baker Teri Hiles has taken the classic pie, everything from apple to blueberry to pecan and lots more, and trapped them inside a portable, mess-free, heart-warming  mason jar. It’s a sweet treat inside a reusable souvenir. That’s taste-bud and eco friendly. Genius!

It’s not just delicious pies: she bakes cookies and muffins-in-a-jar, too. And if the presentation isn’t adorable enough for ya, names like ‘Grape to Meet You’ and ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish Whiskey’ ought to do the trick.

All Jarred Up is based out of Chatsworth, CA, but ships priority mail across the U.S.A. Individual pies are $7 each, with pie-of-the-month club, syrups, and breads available, too, for those who want to try all sorts of yummies.

From the website: “Each jarred treat is freshly prepared, sealed, and decorated making it the ideal goodie for presents, party favors, thank yous, or just an afternoon snack for you and your family”.

Shop owner Teri, who has a 100% satisfaction rate on Etsy, also states, “Please be aware that all of our products are made with or around wheat, dairy, and nuts. All Jarred Up items are not for the consumer who is allergic, intolerant, or highly sensitive to these items! If you would like a complete list of all our ingredients, please feel free to send a message”.

All-in-all, I am all about All Jarred Up; whether you’re throwing a grown-up get-together or a princess tea party, these are a fantastic way to combine dessert and party favors together. Hope you enjoy!


Owner/Operator/Head Butterfly at Papillons Entertainment

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“Rapunzel” themed parties as popular as ever.

She sings and plays acoustic guitar!

Every princess party we attend, we see at least 3 or 4 miniature ‘Rapunzels’ running around. Yes, the “Tangled” heroine is as popular as ever.

Good thing we have not one, but two ‘Rapunzel’ costumes here at Papillons Entertainment. And not only do we have multiple costumes, but we also have 3 cast members who play the part beautifully, and 2 different performance package options:

  • The first package is what we call our ‘Prestige Performance‘. This is our top-tier, best-of-the-best option: performed by Jenna, our head princess, who also happens to be a professional singer-songwriter, the ‘Prestige’ package includes…
  1.  An acoustic guitar & singing performance of two songs from the soundtrack.

    ‘Prestige Rapunzel’ and her purple guitar. Click the image to watch a video of this sweet show.

  2. Dress-up accessories (for girls and boys).
  3. A folk dance lesson & themed game play.
  4. Enchanted magic spells and small prizes for the children.
  5. Fancy face-painting.
  6. A personalized gift for the birthday girl, and a few extras, too (we can’t give away all our secrets here!).

For those who want a seriously impressive, interactive, truly unique princess party, the ‘Prestige’ package is the way to go. Since we often get calls from around the country, I’ll reiterate here that our company, and Jenna, are based in Southern California, but if you want to fly her out to your city for this amazing performance (or, arrange an online video chat performance), we could find a way to make that happen.

Of course, she’s the only one we know of, who’s not only an extremely experienced children’s performer, but also a working singer and songwriter (her music having been heard in shows for CW, MTV, MTVUK, SonyTVUK, feature films, wedding videos, and more), who can pull off these awesome ‘Rapunzel’ guitar playing shows. A sound-a-like such as this is very rare, so as you can imagine, she books up quickly.

But we know there are many little girls out there who just gotta have ‘Rapunzel’ at their parties, and since Jenna can’t (yet) clone herself, we also have our fantastic ‘Classic Performance‘ package. The ‘Classic’ package is usually performed by cast members Marisa and Courtney (both of whom are working actors, Marisa working often in film, and Courtney staying busy on-stage, having recently returned from Tokyo Disneyland where she played several famous Disney characters). Book our ‘Classic Performance’ package and your little girl and her guests will experience engaging activities such as…

We make every birthday ‘the best day ever’!

  1. Dancing to music.
  2. Themed game play.
  3. Enchanted magic spells.
  4. Storytelling.
  5. Face-painting and/or balloon twisting.

Aside from one-on-one activities, like face-painting and balloon twisting, this performance is completely interactive and oh-so charming.

With both packages, extra-special attention is paid to the birthday girl, of course! She might even get to touch the princess’ magic hair or even take a picture with ‘Pascal’ (if you can find him… he’s really good at hide n’ seek)!

And if you want to go all-out this birthday, invite ‘Flynn Rider’, too! He makes parties dashing and daring with that ‘smolder’ of his. Just make sure, that if you’re putting his picture up anywhere, you get his nose right.

For current package pricing, please get in touch with us by email or phone:


P.S. Take a look at some recent photos of our ‘Prestige Rapunzel’ in-action. We’d like thank the Czarnecki family for sending in most of the pictures below.