About Papillons Entertainment

Papillons Entertainment has been providing top-tier children’s party and special event entertainment  in Los Angeles & Southern California since 2006.

Hello & Bonjour!

My name is Jenna: I’m the founder of Papillons Entertainment and I am absolutely passionate about providing only the bestest (yes, bestest!), most professional entertainment for kids that’s available.

I’ve performed at more than a thousand parties & events throughout my 10 years as a professional entertainer. I know what kids AND parents love: an entertainer who is funny, charming, engaging, experienced, reliable, multi-talented, and attractive. I took all of that, added theatrical grade, customized costumes into the mix, plus a few little surprises & extras, and voila! Papillons Entertainment was born.

I simply adore fancy things, especially French, so having studied the language for 7 years, I chose papillons, French for ‘butterflies’, as our name. It’s fitting also because I envision my cast, comprised of working pros in the fields of acting, dance, comedy, and music (I, myself, am a professional singer-songwriter — you may have heard my music on TV, I’m also on iTunes), as a company of butterflies: beautiful and magical, and flying from place to place (or, party to party, in our case).

I also have an obsessive eye for the little things, everything from how a character should sound vocally, to thorough communication with my clients: I have fantastic attention to detail. See, I know that all you moms, dads, and special event coordinators have dozens of choices when it comes to kids party entertainment, so my goal is to, not only help make sure your event is utterly amazing, but to also be certain that every step of the process is professional with no questions left unanswered.

Our return clients know that when they hire us, they don’t have to worry about the kids: they are going to have an incredible experience, and even the grown-ups are going to have a few laughs (and some much needed time for adult conversation with their friends, too). You’re going to be able to enjoy your own party! Plus, the icing on top of the cake? Your guests will be raving about us, calling yours the “party-of-the-year”, demanding to know, “Where did you find her?!”

OK, so, talk to you soon? You’ll be glad you did. 🙂





P.S. If you have questions, or you’d like more information, please visit http://www.papillonsentertainment.com or just fill out the form below.


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