7 Ways to Throw a Cool Summertime Party in L.A.

Summertime birthday parties, especially in Los Angeles where temperatures typically hold steady in the 90s and 100s throughout July to September, can definitely prove challenging.

Hot temperatures leads to sweaty kids, which can lead to cranky kids. Top ’em off with a bunch of sweet drinks and birthday cake and you’re likely to have a sugar-fueled meltdown on your hands.

But birthdays happen in every season, regardless of the weather. So we thought we’d help you make the most of your kiddo’s June, July or August birthday with 7 ways to throw a cool party in the heat of L.A. summer:

1. Schedule your party between 10am – 12pm.

The highest temps usually hit between noon – 1pm in the summertime. But if you can plan your party for a 10:00am guest arrival (yes that’s early, but make it a brunch theme and bust out the rosé for your grown-up friends), and keep it to a swift 2 hour event, you should be able to celebrate while the temps are still hovering in the 70s-80s.

tinker bell periwinkle fairy party character los angeles (1 of 1)
Your guests — winged or otherwise — will love you for throwing your kids’ birthday party in the cooler morning temperatures. And your photos will look better, too!

Bonuses: Outdoor pictures look better in the earlier morning sun, as opposed to the harsh glare of mid-day, and you’ll have more shade since the sun won’t yet be at it’s highest point.

2. Book-out an indoor playground.

While not a new idea, a lot of parents forget that these venues all have private party options. You just have to book them early, or the dates (usually Saturdays and Sundays) will fill-up fast.

peekaboo playland eagle rock kids party venue

There are so many great indoor playgrounds around Los Angeles to choose from; we like The Coop in Studio City with their super fun light-up dance floor and stylish separate outdoor patio area great for grown-up convos, and Peekaboo Playland in Eagle Rock with their unique goose-themed climbing tower. If you tend to have more adults at your kid’s parties than actual kids, you might also consider the brand-new family entertainment center called

3. Just make it a pool party.

Do you live in a house with a pool in the backyard? Get a bunch of floaties and water toys from the Dollar Tree (or better yet, lower your carbon footprint and out-of-pocket expenses and instead invite guests to bring their own floaties and pool toys) and you’ve got an instant, low-maintenance party. You may have trouble getting the kids out of the water, unless it’s cake time, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Photo by Loren Kerns via Flickr.

Bonuses: It’s incredible exercise, and swimming the day away usually means kids sleep like logs come sun-down.

4. No in-ground pool? Make your own DIY water park.

water park party for kids
Admittedly, this is an extreme DIY water park for kids. But it’s pretty dang cool, isn’t it?! This was built by Mike Palcko via Pinterest

You’ve probably seen some do-it-yourself water toys on Pinterest (here’s one now), so it’s definitely possible to make your own water-themed fun for your child’s summertime birthday. Make a splash pad, or turn the play set into a dunk tank. You could even keep it simple and just get a bunch of kiddie pools and make stations around your yard. And then you can either keep the pools for the rest of summer, or donate to a local childcare facility when you’re done.

5. Have an evening party and give it a camp-out theme.

We like this idea for a couple reasons: A) Nothing says summer like cool evenings, hotdogs on the grill, a fire pit, and a stack of smores. Yum! There are even companies (or party planners, ahem) who can book you tents for the weekend if you want to go full-fledged with your theme. Teak and Lace even has a set of camp-themed props you can rent if you prefer “glamping” to camping.

boho chic tipi campfire kids party papillons events beverly hills (1 of 1)
This is a photo from a real event the team at Papillons Entertainment + Events designed for our client in Beverly Hills who wanted a boho chic glamping themed birthday party.

And B) your guests will appreciate not only the uniqueness of your party, but also the cooler temps and super relaxed atmosphere your camp-out theme creates.

Bonuses: Kids get to stay up a little past their usual bedtime, which kids get a huge kick out of, and you this theme is super customizable: for example, maybe you rent a pop-up screen and make it a drive-in movie theatre theme! You can get really creative while avoiding the hot sun entirely.

6. Have an evening party and give it a sleepover theme.

Maybe you like the idea of an evening party, but you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, or your an indoors kind of person (not everyone loves nature, we get it). So why not call it a pajama party theme? Notice we say “theme” because your kiddos friends don’t have to actually stay the night at your home. Let parents know that there is an end-time to the party if you’d like your child’s friends to be picked up before bedtime, but that pajamas are welcome and requested attire.

Kids slumber party pajama party sleepover theme in Los Angeles.
We love this slumber party theme styling from Lenzo. It’s so pretty and charming!

Also, there happen to be a few super cute rental companies in Los Angeles, such as Magical Teepees and WonderTent Parties, that will rent you a set of little kid-sized tents or teepees, complete with cozy ammenities, and themed decor. Kids will feel enchanted as they crawl inside their tent for the evening, perhaps enjoying the latest animated hit movie, along with a box of tasty popcorn.

Bonuses: This is the kind of thing that will make you wish you were a kid again (or at least ask yourself “How come they didn’t have these when we were little?”) and of course your guests will be super impressed at your birthday party trendiness. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of “Where did you find these adorable tents?!” from the other parents.

7. Take an air-conditioned party bus to the arcade.

Let’s say… indoor playgrounds are too unoriginal for you… and throwing a kids party for 20 six-year-olds at your house is a complete no-go. Whether you don’t have the room, inside or out, or you just don’t want the whole kindergarten class in your personal space, you still have options.

In fact, there’s a spectrum of fun events happening in the Los Angeles area this summer, and they are sure to elevate the memories your family will make this season! Just board the kiddos inside one of L.A. Party Buses air-conditioned, neon-lit limos and shuttle them in style and comfort.

Party Bus Los Angeles (323) 638-7180 – 2530 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

The appeal of professional transportation is hard to deny for parents who are planning a party. When you’re not dealing with directions, traffic, parking, and trying to referee from the drivers seat, you’re better able to enjoy the event with your family.

You could hop in the limo and head to AmericaFest at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena which holds all of the aspects of summer that you look forward to, delicious food, entertainment, and a huge display of fireworks for the fourth of July. Or, kids of all ages will enjoy KidzCon at Magic Box in The Reef during August! This pop up event includes fashion, shopping opportunities, and interactive activities. For a truly hands on experience, Brick Fest Live is a LEGO exhibition complete with a LEGO speedway, inspiration stations, and a video game arena.

For more information about reserving transportation for a family get together, be sure to check out this Limo Service in L.A.

Bonuses: Wherever you go, the kids won’t forget riding in a real limo or party bus anytime soon, and YOU won’t have anything to clean-up afterward. Now that’s a cool summertime birthday!


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