Hire a Limo Party Bus for Children’s Birthday Parties in Los Angeles

Planning a birthday party for your child can be challenging…and that’s an easy way of putting it!

With how often children’s interests and friend groups change, it feels like it’s hard to put together something that everybody will enjoy. This is especially true if the guest list has a diverse age range.

However, it’s good to remember that children are only worried about entertainment…they don’t pay attention to detail as much as adults do. Allow this fact to ease up the pressure of planning a great party, and enjoy some ideas for utilizing transportation to ensure this is a fun and efficient party experience for everybody.

party bus limo los angeles

This is an especially important milestone birthday, and it deserves a special amount of attention from loved ones. The preparation you put into this celebration will turn into fond memories that celebrate the transition from childhood to adolescence. Party buses allow the birthday girl to get to the party destination in style and comfort without having to squeeze the formal dress into a small space, and it’s also easier to get to a specified location to take pictures with a chauffeur along for the ride.


If you have a stylish child, using transportation for a shopping trip is a fun way to turn a normal experience into something much more exciting. You can hop from one boutique to the next and head to the child’s favorite restaurant or play area afterward. They’re sure to feel like a glamorous celebrity doing this in a limousine with friends, and you’ll be known as the coolest parent in town for organizing a party like this.


It’s no secret that Frozen is a big hit with children, and the winter months are the perfect time to take advantage of this party theme. Surprise your little one by decorating the interior of the vehicle with details from the movie, and bring along a copy to play on the flat screen televisions. You can check out local winter events if they’re in season or simply stay on the bus and watch the movie. Make it even more special by working with Papillons Entertainment’s very own “Snow Queen”…it will be a party to remember for years to come!

party bus limo for hire los angeles

Party buses and limousines are truly great investments into a birthday party for children, even if (or maybe especially because) it seems a bit out of the box! Children love the rainbow neon lighting, comfortable seating, and ability to stream all of their favorite music on premium sound systems.

There are a million ways to brainstorm parties using a Los Angeles Limo Company, and these are only a few to consider!

For an awesome limousine or party bus experience, contact:

Party Bus Los Angeles
2530 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 638-7180


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