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Have a Very Fairy Party with “Tinker Bell”!

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The quality and authenticity of our party character costumes is a top priority here at Papillons Entertainment, so when one of our costumes isn’t living up to the standards I’ve set, I’m quick to replace it.

I’m also picky about who I cast to play each character (in fact, we have just three performers in our cast who play the green fairy character, “Tinker Bell”, and two of them have the played the character for Disney) and I’m picky about how they look in the costume. In order to insure our clients an exceptional performance, I know that if a performer feels fabulous in the costume (they know that they look amazing, which in turn helps them to become the character), then they’re prepared to provide the very best entertainment possible.

So, a few months ago, when I decided that I didn’t love our “Tinker Bell” costume, I didn’t hesitate to have a new one made. It was tailored specifically to the measurements of our cast members who play the part for a proper fit.

I also completely re-styled the wig and made a new pair of sparkling pixie shoes to go with it. Voila! Combined with the incredibly detailed, shimmering, white flowing wings we already had (because they aren’t made of plastic, they move with the wind, which gives our wings a realistic look), it’s truly a top-notch “Tinker Bell” costume. But when you put one of our look-alike performers in the costume, it’s the complete package: you’ve found the perfect “Tinker Bell” character for your kid’s fairy party!

Take a peek here at a few photos featuring our performer, Casey (who’s played the character at Disneyland, The El Capitan, and for various special Disney events across the U.S.) and remember to get in touch with us if you’re planning a birthday fairy party in the Los Angeles area; we’d love to be of service!

~ Jenna B.

(“queen butterfly” and lead expert performer at Papillons Entertainment)

tink - new costume

Los Angeles “Tinker Bell” character for kids fairy parties.

"Tinker Bell" loves to play.

“Tinker Bell” loves to play.

Let our "Tinker Bell" take charge of your kid's party!

Let our “Tinker Bell” take charge of your kid’s party!


Author: Papillons Entertainment

I'm Jenna Bryson and I'm the "queen butterfly" and lead expert performer at Papillons Entertainment, a children's special event company. I've been working with children for 13+ years and still get a thrill out of making kids happy. I'm also a classically trained actor with a B.A. from Univ. Maryland (Baltimore County), a budding children's book author (see 'Grace from Outer Space'), wanna-be comedy improvisor (graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade L.A.), and actual singer-songwriter. My music has been heard in feature films, promos, and on shows such as 'Hellcats', '90210' (the new series), 'Life Unexpected', and 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'. My debut album, 'make/believe', is available on all major internet retailers.

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