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Pretty Party Catering Looks as Good as it Tastes

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Desserts, Small Bites, and Decorations At Papillons Entertainment, we’re well known in Los Angeles, CA for our expert children’s characters and variety entertainment (and 2013 marks our 7th year in business), but we’re also here to help solve your other party problems. We can coordinate rentals, rides & amusements, professional photography, design & deliver balloons and other decorations, as well as provide the catering. 
Speaking of catering, you’ve got to feed your guests, right? Even if it’s just dessert and small bites, sustenance is essential. Our caterer of choice, Steffinnie Phrommany, manages not only to impress the palate, but to please the eye as well. Steffinnie has catered everything from film shoots to baby showers to birthday parties, of course. Today, she shares with us a little about how she acquired her exquisite taste and how she can help make your celebration extra fancy and stress free.
  • When did you start baking and cooking?

“I started at a very young age.  Honestly I can’t remember when the first time I picked up a mixing spoon or sautee pan, that’s how young I’m talking about. I was always the curious kid who had to know how everything was made. My mother was always known in the community as one of the best chefs and I guess that’s where I embraced my passion for cooking.”

Baby Sugar CookiesCake Pops and Pretzels

  • I know you didn’t go to culinary school, but your baked goods and dishes are gourmet quality. Did anyone teach you how to do what you do or are you self taught?   

“Like I mentioned earlier, my mom taught me the basics. The funny thing is my mom doesn’t keep any recipes, all of the ingredients are in her head. Southeast Asian cuisine is all about flavor. She says, ‘If you want it to taste like this, then you add this…’  I was pretty much self taught because a lot of my dishes started off with trial and error.  So if something worked, then I would continue to do it that way. I feel that you can learn a lot more just by doing.”

  • Do you have a favorite thing that you like to make, and if so, what would that be?  

“There’s a lot of things that I love to make but I would probably have to say desserts. Sweets for some reason always make people happy.”

Wonderland Tea Party Sugar CookiesSmoked Salmon Crisps

  • Your food not only tastes amazing, it also looks fantastic. Where do you find inspiration for creating these visually appealing & delicious recipes?    

“Growing up, I have always had a passion for art so I have always had an eye for aesthetics.  I studied architecture where we were taught that every thing we designed had to have form (visual appeal) & function.  So I guess I carried that over to my cooking as well.  All of my creations have to be visually appealing & delicious at the same time.  I won’t sacrifice one for the other.”

  • What do you enjoy most about catering parties and events?

“I really enjoy catering events specific to the party.  I have a real attention to detail and love tying in the theme of the party into the cuisine or pastries.  It just makes the event that much more special. That’s a major factor that sets me aside from other people.”

  • What do you find to be the most challenging aspect to catering a party?            

“The most challenging thing for me is to not go overboard.  I would love to do a million grandiose things but know that I have to scale down my ideas.”

Pea in the Pod Cupcakes

  • For the person who’s never had someone cater their party, what would you say are the biggest benefits to hiring a party caterer?  

“First of all, the biggest benefit is that you don’t have to slave in the kitchen all day while worrying about setting up the rest of the party. Lord knows you’ll have a hundred things on your mind that day! Another benefit is that you save a lot of time by not having to go to the grocery store… and what if you forget something? Also, another cool benefit of discussing food choices with the caterer is you might spark a new fantastic idea that you never thought of!”

Snowflake Sugar CookiesSnowflake Cupcakes

  • What would you recommend to the person who maybe can’t afford your full catering spread? Is there a way someone could save money by utilizing just some of their party budget on gourmet food like yours?      

“There are many ways we can work with any budget.  As I mentioned, every event is unique to the party including the budget.  I would say, don’t be afraid to contact me cause I am willing to work with any budget.”

  • Finally, we know you have your first baby on the way, due this month (congratulations!); what about motherhood excites you most?  

“Everything excites me! But I guess I am super excited about planning birthday parties for the baby!”

Wonderland Tea Party Cupcakes

If you’d like us to arrange party catering, children’s entertainment, photography, or any other event service, we’d love to be of service. Give us a call (323.463.4132) or send us an email ( if you’d like to inquire.


Author: Papillons Entertainment

I'm Jenna Bryson and I'm the "queen butterfly" and lead expert performer at Papillons Entertainment, a children's special event company. I've been working with children for 13+ years and still get a thrill out of making kids happy. I'm also a classically trained actor with a B.A. from Univ. Maryland (Baltimore County), a budding children's book author (see 'Grace from Outer Space'), wanna-be comedy improvisor (graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade L.A.), and actual singer-songwriter. My music has been heard in feature films, promos, and on shows such as 'Hellcats', '90210' (the new series), 'Life Unexpected', and 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'. My debut album, 'make/believe', is available on all major internet retailers.

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  1. Wow some really nice food designs there!

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