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‘Avengers’ themed parties to the rescue!

American hero rescues local boy’s birthday party.

With ‘The Avengers’ still in full swing at the box office, our superhero costumed character entertainers are as popular as ever.

For little boys who can’t get enough of these action-packed adventures, we suggest creating one of your own!

Start by booking a professional entertainer like ours to handle the activities; you’re busy, you’ve got a lot on your plate trying to organize this shindig, and the last thing you want to do is keep 15 feisty five-year-olds happy.

The superhero character of your choice will get your rambunctious group of party-goers’ attention and, like a boot camp sergeant, lead them through various ‘Jr. Superhero Training’ challenges.

Using background music, various props, lots of movement, imagination, and plenty of corny jokes, kids will feel like they’re ready to take on the world. Plus, everyone knows superhero’s are chock full of magic, so he’ll share a few of his funny tricks, too. And as part of accomplishing their ‘training’, kids will get souvenir balloon swords to battle with those ‘bad guys’.

Now that you’ve got the entertainment all lined-up, take a peek at our facebook page for lots of great ‘Captain America’ party decoration & food ideas.

‘Basic training’ fun & games.

A big shout out & thank you to Tiffany A. for sending in these great pictures of our Patriotic Captain superhero character in action last year at her son Ellyott’s party. We’ll be seeing them again in a couple months, this time for lots of fun with our ‘Iron Man’ hero. Can’t wait!


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‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is a family affair.

Six years ago this October, I received a phone call. I had just opened the figurative doors of Papillons Entertainment, back in the spring of ’06, and business was starting to trickle in. This phone call, as it turns out, would be a very special one.

The voice on the other end, ever so sweet-natured, and with a gentle, British accent, the kind of accent you’d like to hear read you a bedtime story every night before dozing off to Wonderland, asked if we could send a ‘Snow White’ to her little daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

“Certainly!” I said, “It’ll be darling! She’ll lead dancing play, sing songs, perform enchanted magic spells, and make pretty face-paintings”.

“Brilliant!” the kind voice replied. “Let’s book it,” she said.

And thus began the beginning of my relationship to Liberty Ross, her husband Rupert Sanders, and her dear family.

I am so thrilled now to say, after serving as the entertainment for several events over the years (having provided ‘Batman’, ‘Cinderella’, Hapi Hula Gals, and most recently, Christmas characters for this years holiday celebration), and getting to know Liberty and family (including her incredible sister Mia, also a repeat client), that “I knew them when!”

Liberty will be featured as ‘Snow White’s Mother’ in the upcoming, highly anticipated release ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, husband Rupert Sanders makes his directorial debut on the film. Last time I saw them, their children exclaimed to me, “We’re in it, too!”

Amazing! Congratulations to the Ross-Sanders family on your much deserved success.

I cannot wait for June 1st! See you at the movies, probably wearing my ‘Snow White’ dress.